Week 1 – 4 days in and a long way to go

It’s Day 4 of my starting my coding experience online. (Well it’s not my first time starting a coding course, but this time I’m following actually guidelines instead of fishing without a hook).

Last night I printed off my notes in ‘text edit’ off my computer and I was reviewing all that I had learned so far, which brought some kind of self-accomplishment for the first 3 days that I had powered through, although I felt like I was a fish out of water, slowly but surely the course context was coming together regardless of how frustrated that I may have gotten.

There are so many things I have to learn but since my phonemail with Suzannah R. from Bloc.io, I feel a little clearer in what direction I should be moving in (marginally) and when I spoke with her on Monday lunchtime, she offered me a $500 scholarship for attending their Web Development Back-end (Ruby on Rails) course. I was flattered, but I have to apply to attend the course by March 31st – and at this point I think I have a long way to go with learning a few more fundamentals on my own before I fork out that cash.

I do think the program sounds completely beneficial, with mentoring and weekly goals and tasks to challenge and make you grow,  it really sounds amazing, but with a strict budget and a few brain cells left I have decided to do a little self-learning and online courses.