The more you know the more you realise you don’t… know anything

It has been a whirlwind of a month. I have done research from crash courses to 12-week intensive programs and college accredited degrees. Free programs and certifications to online courses that cost thousands… *and no I don’t want to give you my email and accept offers from third party affiliates*

Over the past week, I went into heavy research about the quickest way to get the 411 on coding, programming or something to piece together all the information I’ve taken in but been able to digest because I have no idea where it goes or where it fits. I feel like I’m fishing without a hook, so I need some linear direction and clarity. I spent hours looking at schools from all over the world online and on campus, and set up some phone calls or online meetings with education “guides” to suck me in and lock me into their employers business! (No, that’s not all true… but there is a little bit of a smidgen of truth in that)

Today, I spoke with Susannah Ryan from Bloc academy (, who ran me through a few programs. She sounded like a sweet woman, telling me of her recent travels to my homeland of Australia (I was so impressed when she pronounced Melbourne correctly. “Mell-bin”). She asked me a few brief questions about my experience with coding and asked why I was interested in the programs and then she ran me through a few of the courses before asking me which course I’d be interested in. “Ummm, Susannah. If I can be blatantly honest with you Darling. What’s the difference between Front-end and back-end Web development?” I felt like the most novice of beginners she’s possibly ever spoken with, but she outlined the two in simple terms.

Front End Programming allows users to create an interface without having to refresh a page. Kind of like watching a twitter feed load in real-time without refreshing each time a new comment is added, or being able to chat in google chat while in gmail.

Back End Programming on the other hand, is more data orientated and deals with a more intricate set of parameters. Interweaving searches with Programs like Pinterest or a Real Estate Website would be data heavy (with all the options, a programmer has to create an algorithm to find the search criteria a user is looking for)

… well now I know… but that made me have more questions.

We had to reschedule another appointment, because I had a few more questions and she had more people to attend to that probably had much more in-depth questions than from and back end programming – so we’re rescheduled for Monday. At first I was aching to get more information on the spot so I could get signed up and on my way into “coding”, but I am welcoming the weekend for some research and some online coding courses myself.

Why should I spend thousands of dollars on coding courses when it’s all available online, I thought.

The self-talk is endless in my head. *Ugh – well let’s just see how much I can accomplish over the next two days and go from there. Let’s see how committed I am to some coding online – perhaps even buy the USD$95 certificates that go with the course after the examination to add to my resume. (Now that’s not a bad idea). The idea of a 12-16 week course sounds amazing and I am sure that the money is warranted and justified, but I think maybe I should do some of these online courses I found to get the ball rolling.

It’s crazy how this is all so new to me. I have been “working” for months on trying to build this site (and by working, I mean constantly researching sourcing and learning online) – my Step-Mother refers to Muszu as an “idea” (which drives me batty, since I work hard on it), but it really has occurred to me that all the “overnight success” you see didn’t happen overnight. It’s the hard, gruelling, annoyingly intricate and little things that you have to work through and push open that make it look like it happened overnight, but this is work. Regardless that I’m not being paid for it, it’s not a labor of love yet, but its driven by passion. So with this passion, my ass is going to HTML this weekend and get some coding language under my belt with a better idea on which way I am heading at this very moment. I think these little steps will make a huge difference. will be my bible for the next few weeks, so I’ll keep you posted on how it’s all going. Who’da thunk! But you gotta do what you gotta do, so I’m going to do it.


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