The Seedling – My First Blog Post

Clearly for me – I am the creative type but surely not destined to be a web developer, coder, under-stander-er of the language of computers and all the above. I have spent the best portion of my whole week, and it is right now sitting at 4:37pm on the East Coast of America trying to navigate through Domain names and Web-hosting to running through YouTube webinars, seminars and a whole lot of “Arghhhhhhs” trying to figure out what all the blogs, hosts and forums have to say about starting off your website using WordPress.

Well, color me donkey (no disrespect to Donkeys – I like a good ass) but I must be the stupidest person out there. Although I somehow configured KODI into my new Amazon Fire Stick last night without one tough of help. (Okay so I used YouTube again. Thank God for YouTube)

I have tried 3 hosts in 3 days; uploaded and downloaded the entire Wikipedia catalog x 1000 and ran myself crazy with what the hell plugins, permalinks, caches and what the difference between and is, and I still have no clue.

After a week of trial and all error, I can say that my effort was remarkable and that my apparent-love for my belongings was almost challenged on numerous occasions against any wall in site, but alas I am here in one piece. A little brain fried and still forlorn, but apparently this is what my Mother calls progress. “We all have to start somewhere Tullie”. At this very moment I have to see the good in it, it’s about all I can see through bloodshot eyes and keep going, so instead of trying to build a Forbes Top 30 best websites of 2017 overnight with no experience, I am going to start from scratch and go with a blog. Maybe that way I can also attract the people I want to work with instead of bots or hiring someone to do a task and leave. (I forgot to mention that this week, I had also posted on trying to find a WordPress Developer and was drowned in an inbox of resumes with an ocean of web pages to visit to see their last work results) (I have to give it to India – I have received a total of 12 calls over a 24 hour period of different prospective web-developers who claim to live in anywhere from New Jersey to Dallas, and said they were free at anytime but couldn’t meet with me due to their busy schedules – I think it has something to do with being in another Country all together, but I could be wrong.)

Craigslist Web Developer Post (Bad idea)

It was a little over 5 years ago that me and two of my greatest friends came up with this great concept for a website and after giving it some breathing room (yes, maybe a lot of breathing room and 5 years later) it still hasn’t been done.  What is it you ask? – ahhhh that cannot be all told. (can’t have you internet and web-developing Wizards out there creating the little beast I am about to birth before me just because of a few little intelligence glitches), so instead I am happy to share with you a little about me and why I came up with the “all-allusive” MUSZU.

Muszu, the name of my website love-child. Why a love child? Because I plan on making it with a number of amazing people who want to be part of a team. My vision is to be working with a group of people who are not only outgoing and qualified, but who love what they do and want to be with a team who will support their dreams, desires and goals while working on a project that helps to grow other peoples dreams, desires and goals. (Talk about a good circle of Karma)

Why is it important that I only work with people who want to be part of the team – simple! I want every single person to wake up every day with purpose and direction. I have worked in jobs where I slaved pay-check to pay-check without growth, and although I felt I had a purpose, I felt used and wasn’t able to grow from that position. I felt underappreciated and undervalued although I knew I was bringing more than my fair share to the pie. People need to be appreciated and wanted in a role (otherwise why else would it need to be filled?) I want each person to know their role and grow, in any which way they wish to do so while keeping the company growing and glowing. Make sense?

So I will start here with the blog, reach out to who I know and hope to meet and grow from a very, very, very humble place… a seed.



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